NEW! - Fitness Classes

Circuit Training

About the Class :

Circuit Training is a great whole body workout consisting of cardio, strength and endurance exercises.

Classes aim to be slightly different each time so you always have something new and challenging to come into.

Each circuit is designed in intervals.  You have a set time on each station and work your way through a series of exercises. Rests are programed into the circuit to allow recovery and enable you to push harder.

The class can be modified for all abilities. All exercises can be modified and progressed.

*Suitable for all abilities.

Class run by : Oasis Team
Days of week/time : Wednesday and Friday 17.00 - 17.45


About the Class :

Yoga is a great way develop your strength, reduce your stress level and increase your flexibilty.

The class is suitable for all ages and abilities.

It is £7 to attend - PAYG or £20 per month.


Monday classes will be run by Emma.

There are 6 spaces available on each class - please contact the Oasis to book your place on 023 92283333.


The Tuesday class will be run by Sophie. To book the Tuesday class please contact Sophie directly on: 07545 373387.

Class run by : Emma Williams/ Sophie Morton
Days of week/time : Monday *Except Bank Holidays 1715-1815
Tuesday 1830 - 1930



About the Class :

Fit4Work is an exercise referral based program for PHU staff. It was established in 2011 using exercise to promote both physical and mental health and wellbeing.

By increasing exercise we can help to prevent and manage physical activity related diseases. Exercise can be part of 'preventative medicine' helping employees feel fitter and healthier.

This program has been specifically developed to reduce sickness absence and promote an early return to work.

For more information on the scheme contact:

Class run by :
Days of week/time :