Healthy Living

There is so much information about diet and physical exercise it can be a bit daunting choosing what will suit you. Dieting can be fraught with so many pitfalls and what do you do once you have finished the current diet you are on? Returning to old ways of eating will take you back to how you were before you started, which means you will put all of the weight lost back on and feel even worse than before you started. Starting new activities will bring short term advantages but unless you really enjoy the new activity you will soon go back to physical inactivity which will again affect your health & well being, often making you feel low in mood and a failure.

Healthy living is a lifestyle change which provides you with many benefits and if followed will help you with weight loss over a long period of time which you will be able to sustain. Before you embark on any lifestyle change take a few minutes to think about why you are making the change and what benefits you will gain from this. If may be beneficial to complete the following grid.

If you are able to identify personal reasons for change make a note of these. Keep them as a reminder. If you find your new lifestyle hard going remind yourself why you have chosen to make changes, focus on the benefits of keeping going.

When you do decide to make your lifestyle change try to get some support, do it with a friend, join a group, this will help keep you motivated. Find something you enjoy doing, the gym is not the only way to get fit... (See the pages of physical activity). Dietary changes, follow the advice on the healthy eating pages. Make small achievable changes and keep a record of any successes you have. Reward yourself and enjoy whatever you choose to do.